March 4 - 6, 2013


One week to go!

Feb 25, 2013

Now you only have five days left to register for SDC. Don't forget to check out the detailed programme.

The registration is open

Nov 30, 2012

We are proud to announce detailed information about the talks that will be held at SDC2013. The broad programme means that there will be something for your whole development team. See the detailed programme.

Janice Fraser - Keynote speaker for SDC2013

Oct 30, 2012

We are pleased to confirm the second keynote speaker for SDC2013 - Janice Fraser. Janice is an entrepreneur, designer, and advisor to early stage companies. Founder of the company LUXr, she is based in Silicon Valley. You can read more about her here.

Dan North - Keynote speaker for SDC2013

Sep 17, 2012

We are pleased to confirm one of the keynote speakers for SDC2013 - Dan North. Dan is a technology and organisational consultant and one of the originators of Behaviour Driven Development. You can read more about him here.

Track leaders

Scandinavian Developer Conference attracts a diverse range of software professionals, and aims to put together a programme that will interest, inspire and be useful to all of them. To this end Apper, (the main conference organizer), has delegated responsibility for the detailed programme to an independent committee which takes decisions on conference speakers and topics. Each committee member has long experience working with software development, and is an expert in their particular area. Their brief is to put together a programme that draws together the best from the international world of software development to us here in Göteborg, full of inspiration, relevant knowledge, and advice on what's new and what works.

Emily Bache
Bache Consulting

Emily Bache

General Programme Chair

Emily is an experienced software developer, trainer and conference speaker. She is currently an independent consultant specializing in training and coaching in agile engineering practices. With over a decade of experience working in agile software development projects, expertise in languages with both dynamic and static typing, and having worked at companies ranging from large corporation to small startup, Emily is uniquely placed to understand the needs of software development professionals from diverse backgrounds and technology areas.

Henrik Berglund

Track Leader Leaders & Product Owners

Henrik has 19+ years of professional software product development experience. He has been working as a developer, technical lead, architect, trainer and coach and he has been a practitioner of agile ways of working for more than a decade. Building on a strong technical background he has spent the last four years working on organizational change, team dynamics and modern product management/development.

In his current work as a coach/trainer, Henrik’s passion is trying to contribute to creating new great places to work and to developing amazing innovative products.

Anders Bergstedt

Anders Bergstedt

Track Leader IBMi

Anders has been business consultant for more many years, with a focus on the IBM i (iSeries) platform.

Besides business consultant, Anders is also a Nordic support manager for development tools CA 2E and CA Plex.

Björn Beskow

Track Leader Architecture

Björn Beskow is a senior consultant at Callista Enterprise, where he works with System Architecture, Technical Project Management, Test Automation and Coaching. Björn has +20 years of experience working with industrial, military, finance and eCommerce systems. His specialty is architecture, modeling, design, test and build automation on the Java EE platform. He is also a software methodology mentor, and has led many courses in Java/J2EE, Web Development, Object Orientation, Requirements Modeling, Use Case Modeling, Test Methodology, Extreme Programming, Scrum and the Unified Process.

Anders Bratland
Bratland Consulting AB

Anders Bratland

Track Leader .net

Anders combines his two passions, programming and teaching other people how to program by working as a freelance consultant which gives him the chance to work both as a Microsoft Certified Trainer and as a developer. Anders is a well known speaker at conferences like TechDays, Scandinavian Developer Conference and Developer Summit. Anders is also active as speaker in different user groups like DotnetForum and also as one of the organizers in Swenug. Anders has a strong commitment to techniques and methods that can help projects to be successful, especially by adopting agile values and disciplines. Anders is a Microsoft MVP and a member of the Swedish Microsoft Extended Expert Team, MEET.

Theo Hultsberg

Track Leader Distributed & Big Data

Theo is Chief Architect at Burt, a Göteborg based big data startup that wants to revolutionize the advertising industry by showing that there's more to ad analytics than clicks. Theo has built distributed analytics systems that handle tens of millions of messages per day – in Ruby. His only claim to fame is that he's got more reputation on StackOverflow than both Jeff & Joel.

Krister Kauppi

Track Leader Teams

Krister is Lean Manager and Senior IT Consultant at Elicit. He is also an author to a unique A4-book for business and personal life. Every chapter is an A4 and is released iteratively. Check out his blog for the latest release!

James Kyburz

Track Leader Javascript & Web

James is an experienced software developer at Dotnet Mentor. Professional programmer since 1998, moved to Sweden 11 years ago. He is very experienced in .NET, Ruby, Javascript and Open Source.

Margareta Löfvenholm

Margareta Löfvenholm

Track Leader Usability

Margareta is a senior interaction designer and usability specialist. She has 14 years of experience of creating usable and intuitive products. She runs her own firm Gaine AB which does consulting, workshops and courses in interaction design and usability. She also have the blog together with a friend.

Isak Styf

Track Leader C & C++

Isak is an embedded product developer with a deep passion for software. He has been programming for about 20 years, and during that time has explored a lot of different technologies and languages. His interest for C++ and its evolution has during this time remained strong and lately increased as a result of the long awaited C++11 standard with so many new things to learn.

Fredrik Wendt

Track Leader Java

Fredrik helps customers and students perfect their agile software development skills, through classes, courses, coding dojos but also coaching and mentoring. This involves topics such as clean code, OO analysis and system thinking as well as TDD and facilitating retrospectives.