March 4 - 6, 2013



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Michael Regg

Michael Regg

Michael Regg is a scientific assistant at the Institute for Software of University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil, Switzerland. He works on refactoring support for Eclipse for the programming languages C++ and Python. His master's thesis resulted in Mockator, a plug-in that supports refactoring towards seams and creating mock objects for the Eclipse C/C++ Tooling Platform (CDT).

Track abstract - C/C++

Refactoring towards seams in C++ / How to make your legacy code testable

Breaking dependencies is an important task in refactoring legacy code. With the help of Feathers' seams we gain the power to unit test our legacy code base because they enable us to inject dependencies from outside. Although seams are a valuable technique, it is hard and cumbersome to apply them without automated refactorings and tool chain configuration support.

We show how to create seams in C++ by using new refactorings. To automate this task, we provide sophisticated IDE support. Our reference implementation creates the boilerplate code and the necessary infrastructure for the four seam types object, compile, preprocessor and link seam. We discuss and apply these seam types at real-world code examples.