April 4 - 5 , 2011

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Time Room H2 - .NET Room H1 - Java Room J1 - Geek central Room G1 - Developer effectiveness Room G2 - Mobile Solutions Room G4 - Emerging Technologies Room J2 - IBMi Room G3 - Web Room K2 - Software Development Teams Room K1 - Software Development Leaders Conversation Corner
09:00 - 09:10 Introduction by Emily Bache
09:10 - 10:00 Alistair Cockburn
On Beyond Agile: The New Face Of Software Engineering
10:30 - 11:20 Tiberiu Covaci
MVVM in Practice aka Code behind free WPF
Henrik Ståhl
Hamlet D'Arcy
Code Generation on the JVM
Emmanuel Gaillot
Setting Up And Running A Space For Programmers.
Paul Rayner
Developing iPad applications in .NET
Neal Ford
Functional Thinking
Alison Butterill
IBM i Application Development Strategy and Update
Pontus Wittenmark
All You Need To Get Going with Silverlight
Erik Lundh
Agile Development of Usable Software
Steven List
Agile in a Nutshell
Henrik Berglund and Pierluigi Pugliese and Michael Hill
Can a few agile enthusiasts change an organization?
11:40 - 12:30 Shay Friedman
ASP.NET MVC View Engines
Oleg Zhurakousky
Building cloud-ready systems using Spring Technologies.
Kirk Pepperdine
Yet more Performance Tuning.
Steve Freeman
Fractal TDD: Using tests to drive system design
Martin Gunnarsson and Pär Sikö
Your first Android app
Marcus Ahnve
Real World Rails 3
Alison Butterill
Change Management and Source Control Made Easy with Rational Team Concert for Power
Douglas Crockford
The Future of JavaScript. I mean ECMAScript
Michael Hill
Pillars Of A Coaching Practice
Arne Åhlander
Managing high ROI software development
Emily Bache and Emmanuel Gaillot
Mini Coding Dojo
12:30 - 13:30 LUNCH
13:30 - 14:20 David Starr
Test First Development v.Next with Pex and Moles.
Anders Karlsen and Ivar Nilsen
Pair programming and TDD in practice - a live demo of a real world example
Angelika Langer
The Art of Garbage Collector Tuning.
Sarah Taraporewalla
The three pronged approach to integrating systems
Pontus Wittenmark
Creating Silverlight Applications for Windows Phone 7
Morten Kromberg
Alison Butterill
Moving RPG to an SOA Framework: A Step by Step Approach
Tim Berglund
HTML5: The JavaScript Parts
Peter Taylor
The Art of Productive Laziness
Neal Ford
Gojko Adzic and Tiberiu Covaci and Erik Lundh and Arne Åhlander
“Certification is the best way for professionals to distinguish themselves as competent”
14:40 - 15:30 Tiberiu Covaci
Practical multi-core programming in .Net
Adam Bien
Java EE 6 - Leaner In The IDE, Than On Slides
Matthew McCullough
Encryption Boot Camp on the JVM
Patrick Kua
But what about performance?
Adrian Kosmaczewski
Integrating iPhone Applications with Backend REST Services
Emmanuel Gaillot
A (gentle) (yet performative) (and test-driven) incursion in Haskell
Alison Butterill
IBM i Integrated Application Server and Integrated Web Services
Douglas Crockford
Patterns for Server Side JavaScript
Gojko Adzic
Winning big with specification by example: lessons learned from 50 successful projects
Jurgen Appelo
The Big-Ass View on Competence
Steven List
Facilitation Patterns and Antipatterns
15:30 - 16:00 BREAK
16:00 - 16:50 Anders Bratland
Full speed ahead with Entity Framework!
Michael Schuetz
Seam2 - Real integration testing with Arquillian
Geoff Bache
Capture-Replay Mocks
Nathaniel Schutta
Little a agile in the big E Enterprise
Andrew Lombardi
Using Javascript to Build Native iOS Applications
Tim Berglund
NoSQL: What You Need to Know
Alison Butterill
IBM’s Investment in RPG IV – Past, Present and Future
Thomas Lundström
Railsify your web development
Erik Lundh
An Agile Guide to Anatomy Based Planning
Henrik Berglund
Is Scrum incompatible with the human brain?
Emily Bache and David Harvey and Emmanuel Gaillot and Patrick Kua and Steve Freeman
Software Craftsmanship is too expensive for the Enterprise
17:10 - 18:00 Mathias Olausson
Continuous Deployment
Ben Evans and Martijn Verburg
Java is dead, long live the Java Developer
Staffan Nöteberg
Regex - The future programmer's best friend
Steve Freeman
Five years of change, no outages
Adrian Kosmaczewski
Mobile Web Rising
Matthew McCullough
Git Going with a Distributed Version Control System
Alison Butterill
Why PHP and IBM i
Anders Janmyr
jQuery and Sinatra, a Classy Combination
Gojko Adzic
Product Management using Effect Maps
Jeff Genender
Leveraging Open Source - Everything You Wanted to Know About Open Source that Nobody Told You (including getting paid to do it)
David Harvey and Emily Bache
Time Room H2 - .NET Room H1 - Java Room J1 - Geek central Room G1 - Developer effectiveness Room G2 - Mobile Solutions Room G4 - Cloud computing and Service Oriented Architecture Room J2 - For testers Room G3 - Web Room K2 - Software Development Teams Room K1 - Software Development Leaders Conversation Corner
09:00 - 09:10 Introduction by Emily Bache
09:10 - 10:00 Henrik Kniberg
Everyone likes change, but nobody likes to be changed
10:30 - 11:20 Manfred Steyer
Finding bugs before your customer does - Code Contracts in .NET 4.0
Oleg Zhurakousky
What's new in Spring Integration framework 2.0
Scott Allen
Fluent APIs and Internal DSLs with C#
Marcus Ahnve
BDD with Cucumber and RSpec
Martin Gunnarsson and Pär Sikö
Physics in Android games
Jeff Genender
The Rules of SOA
Henrik Andersson
Scrum + SBTM = love
Robert Boedigheimer
Cascading Styles Sheets (CSS) for ASP.NET Developers
David Harvey
Code Debt
Pierluigi Pugliese
Agile as a systemic change
Henrik Ståhl and Adam Bien and Martijn Verburg and Ben Evans
Will the future of Java be decided by the community or by the corporation(s)?
11:40 - 12:30 Scott Allen
Model Binding in ASP.NET MVC
Mårten Haglind
Java Maintenance mini field manual
Fabrice Marguerie
How to detect and avoid memory and resources leaks in .NET applications
Thomas Nilsson
Before your first test, and after
John T Davies
An Enterprise Architect's Guide to iPhone Programming
Manfred Steyer
By by relational database and ACID-transactions: An introduction into BASE and NoSQL by the example Windows Azure Storage Services
Jonas Hermansson
Testable requirements" - how to break down requirements into testable chunks, and design test cases around them.
Nathaniel Schutta
jQuery: Ajax Made Easy
Steven List
Pairing is Fun!
Michael Hill
Leadership In Deep Legacy
Henrik Kniberg
How long does it take to write a name?
12:30 - 13:30 LUNCH
13:30 - 14:20 Paul Rayner
BDD in .NET using SpecFlow and WatiN
Fredrik Öhrström
The future of the Java language and platform.
Robert Boedigheimer
Improving Web Site Performance and Scalability While Saving Money
Neal Ford
External DSLs
Andy Gilbert
Java SE in Embedded Devices
Jason Ayers
At the Extremities of Extreme: How to achieve continuous integration, continuous testing and real-time collaboration within the cloud
Johan Jonasson
Status: Tested
Alexander Schulze and Claudia Gillrath M.A.
jWebSocket - Boosting Web Communication with WebSockets
Thomas Nilsson
The budget, the plan and the tracking
Anna Herting
Agile Pragmatics And Agile Fanatics
Sarah Taraporewalla and Patrick Kua
Feedback ... but not the annoying microphone-speaker squealy kind
14:40 - 15:30 Scott Allen
Geoff Bache
An Agile approach to testing Eclipse RCP GUis
Kirk Pepperdine
Extending VisualVM
Johannes Brodvall
Fearless Improvement: How to take one step at a time
Johan Sanneblad
Cross-platform game development with Unity for Android & iOS
Josh Devins
What is Hadoop? What is MapReduce? What's it all good for?
Henrik Andersson
Accelerate your testing skills
Niklas Gustavsson
Mattias Skarin
10 pitfalls when implementing Kanban
Jurgen Appelo
Complexity vs. Lean: The Big Showdown
Arne Åhlander
Value at any cost
15:30 - 16:00 BREAK
16:00 - 16:50 Robert Boedigheimer
Cryptography 101 Using the .NET Framework and ASP.NET
Claus Ibsen
What Riding the Camel can do to make integration easier for you
Tim Berglund
Agile Database Development with Liquibase
Peter Norrhall
Visualize your architecture and information
Peter Andersson
Adding proprietary frameworks to Android
John T Davies
Enterprise ESBs
Rikard Edgren
The Eye of a Skilled Software Tester
Rik Arends and Lieke Arends
Kick ass code editing and end to end JavaScript debugging
Chris Hedgate
Knowledge Sharing Key to effective agile software development
Patrick Kua
Making "management" work with agile
Johan Jonasson and Geoff Bache and Marcus Ahnve
Do Agile teams need dedicated testers?

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